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The Chair

Learnography is a we organization. We work with you. Together, we both become more.

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Learnography Annual Report. In this report, we showcase the activities and initiatives taking place within our organization. The report showcases the energy and passion that each member of the Learnography team puts into their work

The past twelve months at Learnography have been quite the adventure. Learnography has seen extensive organizational growth, hosted inspiring events, and launched new projects with a variety of exciting clients. Because of our accomplishments in the past year, we decided there was no better theme for the Annual Report than the three pillars that we deem instrumental to the identity and success of our organization: Our Expertise, Our Impact, and Our Community. Why are these pillars so central to our self-identity?

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Our Expertise helps you to create solutions that fundamentally improve the way you and your organization create value. As we work together, you gain access to decades of experience that is adapted uniquely to your circumstance.

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Our Impact comes from helping our clients and the wider world. We help people become more creative and better at meeting their needs. Our learners become more engaged and determined to reach the next level of excellence.

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Our Community is made up of a continuously growing group of industry leaders that challenge conventional ways of thinking at every turn. We continuously push each other to keep learning and finding new ways to perfect our craft.

As Chair of the Board of Directors, it is my duty to ensure that Learnography’s actions are consistent with our vision, mission, and goals. It is both my privilege and my pleasure to declare that this team has surpassed our expectations. They consistently build and exercise their expertise. They create impact in a broad range of sectors in Canada and internationally. They build communities of engaged learners in a multitude of shapes and scales. We are pleased to share our story, and we hope you will join us on the next adventure.

Peter Levesque, Chair

Our Expertise

As an organization with roots in education dating back over 20 years, we have developed extensive expertise in learning which we’ve applied to meet the diverse needs of learners in a variety of contexts. Our own learning and evolution over the years has shaped Learnography into the organization it is today. We’re proud of our history and excited about our future!

Our diverse and steadily growing team of multi-talented individuals work tirelessly to maintain our high standard of work, enabling Learnography to impact learners and communities like never before. Team members span a variety of fields including education, media production, and design. Our award-winning work has helped us exceed the goals of our clients and stakeholders. By placing the learner at the centre of our work, we continue to perfect our craft by exploring what’s most effective and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Amy Coupal, CEO

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The Learnography Experience

We don’t build products. We create experiences.

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Understanding Learner Outcomes

How three simple questions enable us.

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Our Client Collaborators

Strong relationships make projects extraordinary.

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We are proud of another successful year of change, growth, and of course, learning.








Combined Years
of Experience

Our Impact

As a for-purpose organization, Learnography strives to make a positive impact on the world. We work hard to empower our community through learning, and we love to inspire people through collaboration and co-creation.

Our purpose narrative is a great example of this commitment. We recently ran a contest within our organization, open to all employees, to see who could best summarize the work we do and why we do it. This is the winning response:

We employ the most current understanding of how people learn to provide learning, training and education solutions that improve lives and communities.

Our purpose captures how we challenge ourselves to use our talent and expertise to make the world better. Through learning, we are building a future where people are stronger, safer, and more empowered.

Amy Coupal, CEO

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The Making of StreamAble.ca

How improving learning improves lives.

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Across the Globe

Lessons learned from our international work.

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Supporting Schools

Lessons learned from our community work.

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A little rain didn't stop this year's annual brunch-and-learn event from being BIGGER than ever. Here's how it panned out:




of Rain





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“I am often greeted at conferences by educators who regularly use the teaching resources we have developed, and say their students are more financially or artistically literate as a result. It makes me proud to think about how many classrooms we have impacted.

Kate Salmon Communications Manager

Our Community

We would not be the organization we are without Learnography’s broader community. Each member of our community plays a vital role in informing our goals and shaping our impact.

Our community is diverse, bringing together people from various positions in different industries who share our passion for learning. This community represents a symbiotic relationship - we learn from the creative and progressive minds in our community as we feed back what we’ve learned to them. Whether it is a client, a partner, a blogger, or a supporter, we always take away lessons from the meaningful interactions we have with them online, at our events or the many others we attend.

We are constantly applying the lessons we learn from our community to the work we do. Being a part of a large and diverse network allows us to bring different ways of thinking to the our work every day, fusing our knowledge with that of the people our team interacts with to create the best and most impactful experiences possible.

Amy Coupal, CEO

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Our Family

Why people want to be a part of our family.

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A Little About Us

A student’s perspective about the team.

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The newest members in our community.

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Learnography's charitable affiliate, My Class Needs Foundation, saw another year of innovation, inspiration, and impact. To learn more about the work we do in Canadian classrooms, visit myclassneeds.ca.









Our Financials

RevenuesPercent of Total Revenues
Grants, Interest & Other1%
Revenues Percent of Total Revenues
Projects 99%
Grants, Interest, & Other 1%
Staff Contracts29%
Operating Support11%
Operating Expenses and Other7%
Expenditures Percent of Total Expenditures
Projects 53%
Staff Contracts 29%
Operating Support 11%
Operating Expenses and Other 7%
What Learnography Means to Us

My name is Leesa, and I am the Founder and Spokesperson of Lights, Camera, Access! (LCA!). Our organization exists to bring Canadians with disabilities into the foreground within Canadian media. LCA! has had the pleasure of working with Learnography for many years.

We originally connected with Learnography when they called to inquire if LCA! could help assemble a cast of people with disabilities for an educational video. While participating in a number of Learnography’s video shoots in the years that followed, LCA! actors reported their experiences as being “engaging, helpful and enjoyable.” This ongoing working relationship with Learnography creates awareness, empowerment, and employment for people with disabilities.

Since then, LCA! has been invited by Learnography to several outreach events. All of these events were very well done, hosted generously and inclusively. The events involved dynamic topics with diverse panelists, and included interactive discussion with stakeholders and audience members. LCA! was fortunate to win a mini iPad from a business card draw which we are grateful for and have already put to good use. Learnography’s diverse and creative team are patient, passionate and intelligent. They use innovative platforms for projects which are all viewed through a learner-centric lens. LCA! hopes to continue to share in Learnography’s journey for many years to come.

Leesa Levinson, Founder & Spokesperson: Lights, Camera, Access!

Our Work